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Location is Everything!

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Location is everything for buyers and investors in the housing market. It’s common for people to find the home of their dreams in a location they love but get cold feet at the last minute, worrying about what the future holds for their current home value. This occurs because it’s difficult to predict what your city or even neighborhood will look like in the next decade! So the question is, where are the best locations for buying a house that are guaranteed to increase in value?

Fort Collins has been at the forefront of growth from the very beginning. Being a college town, there will always be bustling life and entertainment, making it a great place to live for friend and family fun! Not only that, but businesses are booming, with retail trade, arts, technology, education, and health care industries that steadily increase job opportunities and are constantly boosting the city’s value. Considering classy, new neighborhoods popping up, the accessibility, appearance, and amenities that are bumping up those who are moving to Fort Collins, we can see the direction it’s going in the future.

Over the past decade, Fort Collins has proved itself to be one of the best long-term locations to invest in the country. Studies show that the housing market has never moved down, it either grows or stabilizes, guaranteeing that you’ll never lose money over time. This is very similar to that of Vancouver, in which people purchased homes while it was cheap, and over time, the prices of their homes began to soar, making millionaires everywhere. With a steady growth rate, the same predictions are arising for Fort Collins home buyers, attracting people from all over to get in on this great deal.

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