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Landscaping Your Fort Collins Home

A garden with many plants and trees

Keeping a lawn lush and green in Colorado can be quite the battle. Regular watering and strategic sprinkler head placement are just some of the factors that go into having beautiful grass in a desert-esque state. The uphill battle and intensive water demand of a traditional lawn has inspired an uptick in homeowners choosing to say goodbye to green grass and hello to xeriscaping.

This landscaping style features vegetation that naturally thrives in this climate, such as drought- tolerant grasses and shrubs. In place of water intensive, non-native grass, xeriscaping utilizes soil, rocks, and mulch to cover the space between the low maintenance vegetation. While these plants need less water, they still require a bit of love and attention. To more intentionally deliver water to the landscape, efficient irrigation systems are typically adopted with water being distributed directly to the base of the plant to reduce the evaporation and runoff that occur with traditional sprinklers.

Changing to a xeriscape lawn requires a certain level of investment upfront. Homeowners who convert to xeriscape can expect to pay around $16,000, on average. As is true with any home renovations, there are less and more expensive routes. Homeowners who choose this landscape style report their water usage reducing by 50-75% annually. This decrease in water usage isn’t only a positive and impactful way to help the environment, it’s great for your monthly budget.

With any big changes, there are both pros and cons. There are downsides of changing to a xeriscape. It requires a lot of planning and it’s best to hire a professional for assistance to ensure the layout and plant choices will best support a beautiful and efficient aesthetic. If gardening and lawn care is a pleasurable retreat from the day-to-day humdrum, sticking with a traditional garden may be the best call for you. Switching to this low maintenance scape typically means less time spent preening and pruning, as drought tolerant plants typically grow slowly. In addition to a difference in plant life, there will be a shift in the insects living there as well. Different plant life attracts a different variety of insects!

Whether you love the traditional green lawn and vibrant flower gardens or find yourself intrigued by the simplicity of the conservational xeriscaping option, creating a beautiful outside of your home is just as impactful to the value of a home as a stunning inside. Whichever fits your home and style best, do you research before diving in!

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